1. How many pcs I need to order to be your reseller?

A: It only requires minimum 10packs (6pcs/pack)!


2. How many pcs to start if I want to rebrand/oem? What about small qty rebrand?

A: For some specific  items, rebrand is easy(it doesn’t look that perfect as OEM ones though, it’s in English label), small qty like 500pcs+ we could do it… And for OEM service(your own brand), it’s a little bigger, we need minimum 1000 dozens (12k pcs), everything is custom made based your demand, full new designs.


3. How could I get the exclusive rights in my country?

A: We only issue the exclusive rights to the stable big monthly sale quantity resellers/wholesalers.  that means you could try to sell our products first, and we discuss later.


4:  Can you make English labels/other languages for us since your products are in Chinese?

A: Yes we can!  and if you want to do much nicer stickers, you could always send us your designs.


5. How you arrange the delivery for us?

A: It depends on you actually,  if you need it fast and no trouble on your side, express then(EMS,DHL etc.);  if you need fast and you could do custom clearance, we recommend air cargo, cheaper than express; if you have no requirements and just want it cheap, sea cargo it is… slowest but cheapest.


6. How to join the VIP programme to get the 5‰ extra discount?

A: The VIP programme is only for our existing clients, which ordering monthly amount over $10k USD.  Please contact us for more details.


7. How to apply Fiber Lash mascara? And as well as Brow and Eyeline product. Do you have demo video we could use?

A:  Please check out our Youtube channel. thanks!


8. What payment terms you accept?

A: We accept Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram, and Bank transfer as our main payment methods.


9. Could we have an Invitation Letter from you so we could visit your company in China?

A: Yes, we could send an invitation letter to you, but we need to charge a fee of $50 due to many people just asking so to get free invitation letters. Paypal accepted. Thanks.